Solitude | Experimental Short Film | Luton, Beds

This experimental film is about a female who is struggling with her deepest thoughts and emotions, trying to recover. Through different states of mind, her unconscious works to her awakening.

“Solitude” was created as the final project in the unit of experimental film in the University of Bedfordshire. Based on film theory and psychoanalysis concepts, this film explores the inner world of the character and how is that related to the external world that we live in. It portrays several elements of surrealism, such as, emphasizing individualism, and exposing mainly expressions and feelings about our character. The purpose was to explore the mind and human body in a phase of self-discovery and self-awareness, as well as, the relation between the inner and outside world. This short-film approaches a distinct manner of portraying a story, as well as, the manner in which it is constructed and presented. And please remember, we may all see something as something else.

The main inspiration of this film was several psychoanalysis concepts, representing the unconscious part of the human mind. As this is a frequent element of an experimental film, my group project proposed to deal with this subject through different stages of mind, such as bipolar people may suffer in real life. Thus, our idea evolved to represent it through different colors in the film, as particular colors may have a distinct emotion on the audience.

In terms of pre-production, when we had all planned to take the production step our actress become unavailable, and as it is hard to find people willing to participate in students’ projects we had to shoot with our producer and writer, Alice Lloyd. As she was confident with the team and deeply knew the aspects of the film, she was a great solution. This occurrence turned this project more personal, as the entire crew was directly involved in the creation of the film.

The goal of this short film is to send it to festivals, in order to get our work seen and our voice heard in the film industry. It is already important to write this article and owning the possibility to explain more about this piece of work. I am amazed by the opportunity of portraying the world that we live through film, so it is also my desire to contribute somehow with a positive impact in this industry, as well as, in the audience who sees my work projects.

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I really appreciate this opportunity to write about this project and thanks for your help.
Raquel Nunes


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