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Sobuj Choshma | Fantasy Short Film | Kolkata, WB

We Team Studio Photoscope Films are making a film adapted from the plot of Saradindu Bandyopadhyay’s short story Sobuj Choshma. The film is directed by Indranil Nag. This is completely an independent work. This film is mainly made for the Children who are now days bound with syllabus, school routines and smart phones and are forgetting books, playgrounds and imagining. In this film we have Sabyasachi Chakraborty in and as a Physics professor. Also, we have Jeet Sundor Chakraborty, Biswajit Das and 29 other actors in this film as supporting characters. We have used a very talented Chhau group of Ramapada Mahali from Nimdih,Jharkhand in the film. The music of our film is being composed and made by Rupam Islam. Pradip Chattopadhyay(Bula Da) , Silajit Majumdar , Chayan Chakraborty & Biren Kalindi & his Jhumur Musical Group are the musicians who contributed their inputs in the film. More than 75 people worked behind the camera in our film. As said before, this is a friend’s funded film and we got more than 24 donors who helped us to reach closer to our dream project, “Sobuj Choshma”. The film also shows the importance of conservation and is enriched with forgotten folk forms of Bengal. This film has thrill, adventure, war, love, environment, entertainment and a tale of an invention.

The story is mainly of a Kolkata based Physics Professor who taught Physics for 30 years at Purulia. One day he found a green crystal stone at Garrasini Hill. He started working on that stone at the college lab and finally after a continuous struggle he made a glass out of that stone. The glass that he made had a specialty that reveals the spiritual world around the one whoever will wear it.

On 24th October 2017, we completed our final music recording at working-class zero. We are lucky to have Rupam Islam as our Music Mentor and Director. We are grateful to Pradip Chattopadhyay (Bula da) of Mohiner Ghoraguli and Chayan Chakraborty of Fakira for being associated with us. Chau and Jhumur musicians from Purulia were present here for the recording on 24th October. The music for this film is very experimental and free-flowing, as we used tribal sounds with modern electronic instruments. Apart from these art forms, we are also using babui ghas, shal pata, jhumur instruments, baul instruments, Maramures patachitra. The film was shoot on 11-12-13-14 November 2017 at Purulia. Due to some unavoidable circumstances we reshoot some scenes at Jhargram on December 12, 13 & 14. Now we are under post production process, we will complete the movie by Mid of May.

We are looking for Producer or any Web Channel Media, who will give us worth value of the film; we will sell the film to them. Also as mentioned above, we are making this film for the children so if we will get any sponsor or producer, we would take the opportunity to start a journey where we will go to some schools and villages of the West Bengal and do some screenings accordingly. We even planned to do 2 screenings per day. We will also be sending the film at various film festivals. Lastly, we will upload the film at social media.

We have released our trailer today, 15th April 2018.

Here is the YouTube link (Trailer) :

For more details please contact:

Sayoni Roy -7059770641 / 9804189191 or
Indranil Nag- 9051396772
Mail at

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