Skarnen | Dramatic Fantasy Short film | Isle of Skye, Scotland

My name is Tim Archibald and I am a Filmmaker and photographer from the UK. Currently I am trying to get the most ambitious short film that I’ve been involved with into production – ‘Skarnen’. We are going to be filming on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

‘Skarnen’ – Somewhere in the Dark Ages, a band of men led by a young prince, Edrig, traverse across an empty wilderness to the edge of the known world. They carry with them the body of Edrig’s father, the King. They are looking for salvation, but needless to say, they don’t find it. Along the way, the brutal land takes its toll on the men and the internal tensions within the group come to the fore. Edrig, propelled by his need to live up to expectation, finds his grip on reality eroded as the pressure breeds delusion and anxiety.

It has been a long process to get this far, everything in Skye takes a lot of commitment in time and energy – it is a very physical place to work in. Location recces have involved blood, sweat and soggy tents. All a price worth paying to work in a place like Skye. The expansive, brutal vistas are just what is needed to house this story, the sense of dread in the land, the rising tension that Edrig and his men feel, trapped in a hostile environment.

We are trying to crowdfund this film in order to make it ‘right’. It is important to me to get the right level of authenticity – real materials, costumes, dirt, weight – no polystyrene in sight. The costumes and the design of the film needs to sell the concept that these are men who have travelled far and lived hard. We plan on working with rural skills craftsmen, leather workers, weapons experts and coracle builders to bring the world of the film to life.

We’ve still got a way to go, but it is shaping up to be a great project. Currently the script is a quarter-finalist in the ScreenCraft Short Film Competition which is a huge achievement for us.  We have had quite a lot of international interest on social media and are in talks with an international fashion designer in regards to costume design, plus ‘Skarnen’ has been featured in an article on the House of Ikons London Fashion Week site. We are in the last couple of days of the Kickstarter (finishes 6pm on the 19th September) and are still looking for as much support as possible to carry us over the line.

Check out our Kickstarter at:


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