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Shock Therapy | Animated Horror Comedy Short Film | London, UK

Spiders, snakes, mice, sharks, monsters, you name it, Jim’s afraid of it! For better or worse, he wants to stop being afraid and decides to invite all his fears into his house. It might not be a great idea, it actually most probably is a bad one, but fighting your fears head on “houseshare style” could work, you never know! And if it does, it won’t just happen in a few days.

This 2d short film about phobias and how to tackle them is directed by Bali Engel and Matthieu Landour and produced by Nomint.

We are all afraid of something, phobias can take many different forms, and even if some may sound more surreal than others, they all feel very reel for the subject. Bali is scared of snakes, Matthieu is terrified of spiders. We both seriously considered shock therapy for ourselves, but we’re much too scared for that. So we made a short film instead, in 2d animation, for 2 years. It was a lot of work and we’re very proud of it, yet it didn’t help us much with our fears! But if this short can help anyone with their phobias, whether it’s a scorpion, a clown, a monster, a mummy, a werewolf, a plant, a burger, or asking someone out for a date, then we’ll be even prouder.

We wanted above all to make a film for all ages, and we had a question in mind: can we make terror colourful? We chose the medium of animation and attempted to tackle that question. Each shot was digitally worked as an illustration, we wanted to have the feeling of a children’s book, yet as a short film. We have been lucky yo work with very talented animators, and we had the luck to work once more with composers Brains and Hunch and sound designers Fonic, with whom we collaborated in the past on previous short films.

It has been a great adventure for Jim, the main character of Shock Therapy, and also for us! It is now our great pleasure to share it online, please have a look! And don’t try this at home! Seriously, don’t, that might not be such a good idea!


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