Shampoo Theatre | Comedy Short Film | Vancouver, BC

“Shampoo Theatre” aims to poke fun at all of the whacky clichés of soap operas. We follow an evening in the life of five characters whose convoluted backstories—including amnesia, a coma, dying in a plane crash, a love triangle, faithless marriage, terminal disease, an evil twin, and more—intertwine in exaggeratedly humorous ways to touch on as many genre tropes as possible. As the shocking reveals pile up on each other, you will be left reeling with laughter.

We completed shooting on Sunday, May 13 and are moving into our post-production phase. We were very fortunate to work with a director who was very enthusiastic about the script and a fantastic crew. To give you some idea of the world of “Shampoo Theatre,” here are the characters:

Marcia: Marcia is a young socialite at the apex of a love triangle. Married to Jack, she forgot her vows after a horse riding accident gave her amnesia and fell in love with Rich. Now with her memories returned, she must figure out which man her heart beats fastest for before her entire world comes crashing down around her.

Rich: Rich is a romantic at heart with a penchant for declarations of love. He was devastated when Marcia left him at the and foolishly married Stephanie to try and ease his pain. Now he must fight to win his one true love back from the man she married before she met him, and he must figure out how to do that with a wife of his own complicating matters.

Jack: Jack runs the local hospital by himself. Married to Marcia, he was distraught when her amnesia led her into Rich’s arms, but after a heroic entrance at their almost-wedding he reclaimed her. And now he is willing to do anything and everything necessary to keep her for himself, forever.

Stephanie: Stephanie is Rich’s happily newlywed wife. She has been in love with Rich for ten years, ever since she learned about him while escaping from her evil twin sister in Zurich. Marrying him was the happiest day of her life. And she is determined to keep him with her, where he belongs.

Dante: A doctor who ran the hospital with Jack until a mysterious plane crash over the Pacific was thought to have killed him. A man whose true nature is shrouded in shadow, he has had a profound impact on the lives of all of the other characters and is about to come back from the dead with a secret that will shake them to their cores. And he absolutely wears an eye patch.


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