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After 912 days from script to screen, Independent Filmmaker Laura Somers is proud to present the new film, RICH KIDS, at the Phoenix Film Festival, screening at the festival on April 6th-8th. Inspired by a real-life incident that her family experienced in her childhood home in Houston, Texas, Laura set out to create a film that was both realistic and that would shed light on underprivileged youth in today’s society. All too often marginalized, RICH KIDS flips the lens on the story and presents things from the kids’ perspective, allowing the audience to glimpse into the despair, hopes, and dreams that youths from low-income communities go through on a daily basis. The film is co-written and co-produced by David Saldaña.

The story follows six underprivileged Latino teens, Matías, Steve, Vanessa, Carlos, Isabel, and Jasmin, who decide one day to break into their rich neighbor’s empty mansion, known as “Los Ricos.” Hoping to experience a temporary escape from their own daily struggles and poverty, “the greatest afternoon of their lives” starts off quite promising yet soon descends into chaos and tragedy, as reality begins to set in and loyalties are put on the line.

At it’s heart, Rich Kids is about a young man’s transformation from the person he thinks he’s supposed to be into the person he really is, as he comes to terms with the realities and consequences of living a community ravaged by the wealth gap and income inequality.

Director Laura Somers and cast take the audience far away from what they’ve been told most Latino characters are — stereotypes. The characters introduced in Rich Kids seem familiar on the surface but slowly the expectations turn, surprising the viewer with unexpected developments and twists as they explore gender roles, idealized notions of success, bullying, and the search for love and acceptance. Instead of stereotypes, audiences will find complex portrayals of fully-realized individuals who will remind audiences of their friends, family….maybe even themselves.

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