Reality Check | Psychological Thriller | Barcelona, Spain

“Question Everything” ‘Reality Check’ explores an approximation to delusions and their materialization as an escape from ignorance and social indifference. Writer and director, Sandro Hernández, tries to shed some light on the representation of delusional characters and delusional disorder itself. Many interpretations and portrayals are mistakenly focus on villainy, psychopathy and even murder. However, delusional disorder must not be reduced to just “not being down to earth”.

The short film deals with the story of Salvador, a 26-year-old man suffering from delusional disorder, who during one of his therapy sessions starts experiencing dangerous levels of reality distortion that make him question everything in his life. In Hernández’s own words “I´ve always felt compelled to tell stories with challenging narratives, a sort of mental exercise for the audience. Make them question themselves and participate, treat them not just as a passive spectator but as a seeker of truth. That’s how I came up with the tagline Question everything” Finding himself in an unknown situation, unsure about trusting his own mind on what is real, Salvador, our protagonist, will have to deal with this kind of delusional ideas. And here, the relationship with his therapist and a group of people around him will configure an escape route.

To something better or worse, it must be Salvador who discovers it. The creative team surrounding Hernández is composed of talented men and women from different countries, every one of them contributing with their professional experience as well as their independent vision in each field. Shooting will take place in Barcelona and begin in early April. At the time of writing this article, the film is already in a very advanced stage of pre-production.

It has also started a crowdfunding campaign whose objective is to raise the necessary budget for rental, production and distribution expenses. The campaign is being held in Verkami, a very well-known crowdfunding platform with more than 6000 successfully crowdfunded projects and with a strong presence in Europe and South America.

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated and can help the project come to fruition. The film is expected to premiere in late November, once sound and color postproduction tasks are over.

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