Quadratura | Drama Short film | Bournemouth, Dorset

Quadratura is a surreal story with classical themes through symbols, colours, art, dance and emotions. It follows Angela and her past and future versions in a metaphorical lift which symbolises her journey through the five stages of grief. She meets a mysterious individual who helps her to recover her lost memories through different stages of her life and to accept her loss and the end of one life and beginning of a new one.

The idea of Quadratura came to me more than 2 years ago, and it has taken time and a lot of research and planning to bring it to life bigger and more beautiful than it was originally planned. It started of as a short film set in a lift called “On the way up” and deals with themes of life, love and the human mind. I was inspired by these themes as it is something everyone can relate to and is important to me as I have lost people I love in my life and wanted to make a film that portrays the feeling of loss and “what if” scenarios.

Over time the ideas and the development of the story started to expand, changing the title to Quadratura, we chose this name as it fits with the style and the visuals of the film, Quadratura is a technique used in illusionist ceiling painting which gives the impression that the space of the painting is opening up the walls and appearing larger than intended to trick the viewer’s eyes. We chose this title because our character Angela is trapped in a world that feels larger than herself. Her time and space has ‘opened up’, but how real is one’s perspective?

After 2 years in development we have started the pre-production, the cast and crew all met on a short film funded on Indiegogo called “Windswept”, since then they have been working together on multiple short films and feature length films becoming great friends and creating a bond with a passion for film making. We have the cast and crew, we just need to secure the locations and equipment to make Quadratura as beautiful and cinematic as it possibly can.

Quadratura will break rules and set new limits to storytelling, once it is completed the film will be sent to multiple film festivals such as Festival de Cannes, Sundance, Raindance and many more. Quadratura is the most ambitious film the cast and crew have worked on and will test their experience and knowledge, once the film is successfully made then it’s on to bigger and more ambitious films.

You can support the Quadratura team by visiting our Indiegogo page and donating or spreading the message of Quadratura.

Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/quadratura-love-family/x/18919478#/


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