Pseudomonas Pseudomallei | Experimental Horror Short Film | Sydney, NSW

“Pseudomonas Pseudomallei is a soil-dwelling bacterium endemic in Northern Australia.”

Inspired by true experience, Pseudomonas Pseudomallei is a short experimental film that follows a young woman and her older sister, separated by the bounds of reality and consciousness.

One remains locked in a cyclical nightmare where fears have become reality, and suffering and darkness smother all light. A deathly figure threatens to pull her into the abyss at each moment, and horrific apparitions haunt each breath.

Glimmers of light and hope breach through as her sister crosses the divide, and these worlds blur as she desperately tries to bring her sibling back from despair.

The shadow in this world is far-reaching, but can hope, courage, and light breach the darkness. or will they succumb to the abyss?

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Where does this story come from?

Inspired by real experience

A word from the writer:

“…I have hurt something in my neck which is giving me headaches so I’m going to the physio tomorrow.” An innocuous quote from my uncle’s journal – The entry dates 1/11/90.

The final entry in his journal which had spanned 2 years, covering his journey around Australia as a 23 year old tradesman and jackeroo.

A week later his life changed forever, and this seemingly benign headache would turn out to be something much more sinister.

He recounts weeks earlier receiving a small bite on his leg from a stray dog. Doctors would later theorise that this open wound was the entry point for a soil-borne bacterium known as, “Pseudomonas Pseudomallei”. An infection grew, and the bacteria made its way to his brain. Severe meningitis ensued, and he fell into a deep coma.

A conscious plane within an unconscious plane.

Only when I was old enough to comprehend what had happened to him did he tell me of the intense horrors and suffering he endured in his subconscious state. A world between worlds where pain and darkness replaced joy and light, and where near-death and suffering pulled him down to depths beyond.

His conscious mind sat within this world, and a cyclical nightmare where he had to confront his worst fears became his reality.

Not all was lost however, his strength of will and his inner light held him dear, and his family, who were confined to another plane of existence were able to get messages across to him. He recalled voices and light shining through, urging him on, and only when he was able to confront his fear and pain head-on was he able to breach the darkness.

His story is my inspiration…”

© Rhys William Nicolson (2018)
All rights to this footage are owned by Rhys William Nicolson


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