PREY | Horror Thriller Short Film | Northampton

Log Line

A silver car speed’s along a desolate forest road, inside JOHN, HELEN and a screaming child explode with panic and fear!

Something is chasing them, but what it is remains a mystery!

Will they succeed in escaping its demonic wrath or fall victim to it and become its PREY


A silver car speed’s along a desolate forest road, inside JOHN, HELEN and a screaming child explode with panic and fear!

Something is chasing them,

Loosing control of the vehicle the car crashes into a tree.

Waking to find LUCY unconscious JOHN grabs a gun form the glovebox then flee’s the smashed up car making sure to bring the baby with him.

JOHN is pursued further by the unknown creature as he makes his way through the vast woodland until he reaches an abandoned building which he takes refuge in.

Hiding the baby JOHN decides to make a stand against his mystery assailant.

A malformed creature smashes through a skylight!

Realizing the severity of the threat at hand JOHN attempts to escape it’s impending evil!

After avoiding the creature for as long as he can JOHN is eventually caught and attacked.

The tide quickly turns when JOHN find’s his discarded gun on the floor.
Rolling over JOHN fires a multitude of shots at the creature sending it hurtling to the floor.

JOHN takes a moment to appreciate his premature victory as the creature seems to come back to life and once again attack JOHN launching him into a pillar.

The creature toys with JOHN until once again the cries from the baby echo out into the building.

Having found out the whereabouts of the baby the creature delivers a death blow to JOHN leaving him to die.

The creature tears open a cupboard and finds the white cloth that the baby was wrapped in.

The creature carefully opens up the blanket only to discover that the baby was in fact a bomb strapped to a phone that is imitating the noise of the crying baby.

With his last bit of strength JOHN presses on a remote trigger that destroys the building along with the creature and himself.

Helen and the real baby make their way away from the site. Placing the baby down it becomes apparent that the Monster was chasing an infected child, cursed with its demonic affliction. Upon the monsters death the curse is lifted and the baby returns to normal.


Directed by James Millar
Director of Photography Phil Chapman
Music Composed by Chris Datson
Sound Designer Viv Sharma
Vfx and Editing was done by GiantDwarf


John – Tony Ceasar
Lucy – Helen Clifford
The Creature – Chris Hales
The Baby – India Hooker

Inspiration and production stories.

The inspiration behind our movie PREY was based on old 70’s and 80’s slasher/horror/thriller movies like Predator, Halloween and Friday the 13th Part 2.

We wanted to try and do something that felt like you were being thrown into either the beginning or end of a crazy action horror film but at the same time it needed to be self contained enough to have a beginning,  middle and end.

We also wanted our ‘Monster’ to not be something to widely recognizable which is why we opted to feature the Tik Tik or Aswang creature from Filipino folk law.

 It is the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories. Spanish colonists noted that the Aswang was the most feared among the mythical creatures of the Philippines, even in the 16th century.

We wanted to keep the tension as high as possible throughout which is why it always feels like a constant chase.

The film was always supposed to be a super short almost test of what we could achieve with little to no budget.

Alas we shot the film as a 2 man crew with 1 of us directing whilst the other worked as DOP which worked but obviously created it’s own hurdles we also did all of the post production between just the two of us with the actual music being the only thing done by a 3rd party.

We actually never had a baby prop either which is why the shape of the ‘baby’  in blanket changes a lot throughout the film which is a big regret.

The whole film was shot on the Panasonic GH4 a relatively cheap camera  and we only used 3 fairly inexpensive lenses throughout production.

The Future

This film was made with no real intention for it to go anywhere, although the film has been received very well from people that have seen it.

We now hope to just try and get the film in front of as many people as possible so that it can be appreciated by as many fans of the genre as possible!

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