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Fact: Pads, Tampons, etc. are the least donated items to shelters. Fact: The number one cause for homelessness in women is domestic violence There are several non-profits helping homeless women, but can we do more? This documentary is needed to say that yes, we can do more.

The majority of women in America are not very fond of their periods. Women suffer from cramps, bloating, hot flashes, mood swings, among many other problematic and sometimes more serious issues such as endemitriosis or infection. Yet, there is an entire population of women who don’t get to take pain medication, go to the doctor for infections, and simply have to deal with sitting in their own blood for a week.


People think of “The Homeless” as one big entity. Some think of them as a group of druggies who put themselves on the streets, while others give them help in terms of food and clothing. However, it seems that many people throughout the filming of this documentary claimed that they had never even thought about the specific needs of homeless women alone, which is why this documentary is being made.


My hope with this documentary is that it will be seen nationwide, if not worldwide. I wish for people to see this documentary and say, “I suppose I can start carrying pads and tampons in my car just in case I see a homeless woman today.” Furthermore, I wish for people to see this documentary and realize that homeless people are just as diverse in needs as those who have homes are. There are many organizations that help homeless women that will be mentioned in this documentary as well. The more that people know, the more people will be able to help.


We follow the lives of Teyani and “Junior”. Women of color, women living on the streets. They talk about how hard it is not only with their periods but with the violence that happens every day.


It’s hard for a woman with a home, what about a woman without a home?


The crew is mostly women based, including a female director/producer.


Why me?
My name is Dimitri Khosrowpour, and above all else, I am extremely passionate about this subject. When I first started this documentary, I called one of the co-owners from The Homeless Period Project, Sharron Phillips, so that I may get started. As I talked more with her, and many others from different orginizations, I found out more and more about what being a homeless woman was like. And then I started talking to the homeless women in Austin, Texas. I suddenly knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing my part to keep these women safe, happy, and healthy.


The crowdfunding campaign is hap pm ending NOW! Get some wonderful perks along with the ability to give microphones to these women.



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