Perfect | Drama Short Film | New York, NY

Perfect is an ordinary evening amongst friends but, what happens after a few glasses of wine are shared and the truth begins to pour out? Anything can happen in a night and people can turn out to be different than they seem. Perfect reveals that what one person might believe to be perfect can actually be so much deeper.

The film examines modern day relationships, balancing the struggle of living the life you’ve always wanted with what you’re willing to give up in exchange. When you look at a couple sitting in a café or walking down the street holding hands, you might think, “They seem like the perfect couple!” But do we really know what’s going on behind closed doors? Why are these two people together? What makes them work? It’s an answer that only the couple can give.

We become wrapped up in ideas about other people’s lives based off of an appearance but, in reality, we are always looking in from an outsider’s perspective. In a world of instant gratification and social media, this idealism is always carried around with us. Perfect challenges our perception of perfectionism by making us question what we think we know, and by revealing what actually happens when the curtain is closed.

Today, the very nature of families and relationships is continuing to evolve. Perfect examines non-stereotypical relationship tropes by showcasing stories such as an interracial romantic relationship and a platonic marriage with a child. We are taking a stance that is not often portrayed in film. By doing so, we hope to help society continue to evolve and become more open to and accepting of all forms of love and connection. Perfect asks the question, “What are we willing to give up in order to ‘have it all’?” What does one have to personally sacrifice? There’s no formula that leads to the perfect life. We all make do with what we are given, no matter what anyone thinks.

While the filming part of the movie is over, we are now in our post-production stage. We are currently running a Seed & Spark campaign to cover costs such as editing, sound, and film festival submissions! We are hoping to catch as much attention as possible before the time on our campaign is up, and now we are down to 2 weeks! In order for us to make an impact on the world’s perception of idealism, acceptance of unconventional relationships, we need lots of support!



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