People Will Not Believe | Horror Short Film | Los Angeles, CA

“The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him.”
– Van Helsing, Dracula (1931)

Few images are more prolific than the fanged teeth of the vampire. What began as a folklore devil common across the globe has become, since the 19th century, an almost cliched component of our popular culture.

This is due in no small part to the sensual nature of the beast, codified by Bela Lugosi and only strengthened over time. Today, the vampire is lovelorn and longing, their victims powerless, at best — or complicit, at worst. They are predominantly men, and young women their common prey.

In short, the predator has been romanticized.

‘People Will Not Believe’ aims to rectify this by redefining the monster for our modern, everyday world by way of two simple adjustments: placing it in the victim’s point of view; and focusing on what happens afterward. Opening in the moments directly following an attack, it tracks a young woman as she struggles to make sense of what’s happened, her changing body, and the threatening memory of her attacker.

According to a recent survey, 81% of women have experienced sexual harassment or assault. ‘People Will Not Believe’ is a stylized allegory for this abysmal reality, with female representation both behind and in front of the camera aiding in the honest portrayal of a young woman’s experiences.

Through setting, character, performance, and visceral, expressive imagery, this film looks to explore the lasting effects of trauma and the ways in which it changes us.

It is currently being produced as the proof of concept for a feature-length script.


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