Paper and Bullets | Drama Short Film | Hollister, CA

“Paper and Bullets” tells a story about a Detroit drug dealer, who faces conflicts with another drug dealer known as the kingpin of Detroit. Jasper, the smart drug dealer lives alone and makes and sells his own drugs. Just when things start going good for Jasper, a conflict arises between him and another drug dealer who turns out to be dangerous and malicious.

Before I started making this project, I was making different sorts of trailers such as, dramatic, action and Sci-Fi. But I wanted to make something more noteworthy. More dedication. More meaning. So that’s when I decided why not make a short film? Making a movie, well the short version of a movie sounds like fun. There are a lot of short films out there that have lots of meaning to someone. So that’s when I started thinking about different genres. What type of film is going to catch the audiences’ attention? What is going to make my film different from all the rest? So I started thinking about real life conflicts. Like the war on drugs. Yes, I could do something about the war on drugs, but instead of having law enforcement intervene I could make something about individual drug dealers. So that’s when I struck gold and finally thought of an idea. Drugs, violence and money seem to be the roots of all drug dealers. So somehow when I thought of those three things I already found the perfect title for it. “Paper and Bullets.” Paper representing money and bullets representing the violence.

At this same time I already started script writing and planning out a story board. I want this film to be under ten minutes long. I still do not know the run time for this film as it is still in the process of being made. I’m basically a one man team. I’m the writer, producer, director, etc. I do want to try and get a cameraman on my one man team but as of right now it’s just me and only me. I feel like making this film by myself is more fun because I get to choose how I want it. It’s even more fun because when I’m done with it I get to see all the feedback I will get which truly motivates me. I always say to myself it’s not good enough until I think it’s good enough.

I wanted to make this film using modern times. Basically what were living with today. I want to give this film real life situations and what would go down in a drug war or conflict. I also want to eliminate any sort of bias in this film. I want to talk to a few close friends of mine about the film and see what they can do to help make it one of a kind. I want to put in some sort of action scene into this film and really express the feels of each drug dealer.

The message that I want to get out to the audience is that I want the people to actually realize that these conflicts happen. They can happen at anytime and anywhere. Anyone could be caught in the crossfire like a loved one or just a random person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thank you for all your interest,
CameronJay or Cameron Leon – Writer/Producer


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