One More Song | Drama Short Film | Brooklyn, NY

A couple, two musicians in their mid-twenties, are faced with the same question but come to different conclusions. Continue on with a notoriously unstable career path, or choose something more practical and financially stable for the sake of feeling responsible? She chooses to continue pursuing music while he decides to give it up something more “realistic.” While he completely supports her choice, this split in their life choices is putting a strain on their relationship. He becomes resentful of his own decision to give up music. It becomes too difficult for him to go to her shows without feeling the loss from his own decision. She in turn feels unsupported because he is never there when she wants him to be.


“One More Song” is a short film we created originally for the AT&T Create-a-thon, a 48 hour film festival. Everything was filmed and edited within just over 24 hours. One of the requirements of the festival was that all submissions be five minutes or less. It was a challenge to try and establish a relationship in that amount of time, but I really enjoyed the challenge. When I wrote this, it was more about me entertaining two sides of a conversation I often have with myself. To continue or to pursue something more stable.


We have a fantastic team involved. My friend, Sean McVerry wrote and original score for the short which I really think lends itself to the emotion of the film. For everyone involved, it was a situation we could all relate to. We are all in creative professions. We have all had our ups and downs with it and chosen to continue.


It all came together very quickly and naturally. Because of our time constraints, most of it was actually filmed in my apartment, hence why both the characters have “S” mugs and neither of them have names starting with an “S.” I love the idea of filming in small apartments. It feels more realistic. They’re young creatives. They wouldn’t have some spacious loft. The show scene was filmed on the lead actress’ roof. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but with a bit of good lighting, anywhere can look like a stage.


The concept for the film started with the idea for the show scene. It had been rolling around in the back of my mind for months as I worked on other projects. The rest of the story developed around that scene as Tony Yoon, our Director of Photography, and I bounced around ideas. Nearly all of our work is centered around music, so having an original score and writing characters connected to music made complete sense. Write about what you know, right?



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