Ominous | Horror Film | Malmo, Skåne

A man is possessed by a demonic spirit that has taking over his body and his mind to control him underneath the skin. This demonic spirit has been hiding itself inside the man ́s body for a very long time just waiting for the right moment to break free.

As a director and actor growing up with all these classics horror films from The Shining, Psycho to The Silence of The Lambs I have always been fascinated about dark and psychological storytelling. Stories that crawls under the skin of your body and something that keeps your eyes wide open.

The inspiration for this idea came from nowhere actually, because when I sat down in front of my computer with all the raw material I didn ́t know where to start and what this is going to be all about. But then I was thinking about demons, but not that kind of demons you see in movies. I wanted to create a demon that exist in our real world. Becuase I think that we are all surrounded by demons in our socity, people who are trying to manipulate other people just to get what they want. And that is just what this film is all about, someone who is trying to manipulate you just to do whatever they want with you. Another thing I also want to mention is that when I come up with a new idea for a film, I don ́t start with the story itself. All my ideas and scripts starts with an emotion, some ideas that comes to my mind can also start with a sound I hear from a movie or from the nature. So my stories comes from what I hear and feel around me.

My goal with this project is to reach out to a bigger audience and to get my film screened in film festivals all around the world. This film has already been selected for three festivals and I guess I will just keep trying to reach out and try to get into more festivals and let people take part of my film.

When I actually got interested in filmmaking and acting which was when I was only ten years old I knew that I wanted to work in the film industry as an actor. What I didn’t know was that I never thought that I would be able to produce my own films both as an actor and a director.

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