Odd Girl | Horror Short Film | Vancouver, BC

Rami Kahlon, a young, emerging female filmmaker, is partnering up with L.A. Matheson Secondary School’s Mustang Justice to bring a new thriller film to the lower mainland! As a writer, she has had her poetry and short stories published in collections, and as a filmmaker she has directed PSA’s for Pacific Cinémathèque, MetroVancouver, and BC Parks. This film will be her directorial debut in narrative storytelling. Rami is passionate about contributing to local content that represents her city, its talent, and its diverse population. Her script, “Odd Girl”, was an official selection and semi-finalist for the internationally held “Eat Crow Horror Scriptwriting Competition,” and will be shooting November 23-25 in Surrey.

Based on a suburban school in Surrey, where ostracism is commonplace, the short film is a thriller drama that revolves around two friends who fall victim to the obsession of the odd girl out. But, one of the friends quickly realizes that the repercussions of excluding others takes on a whole new meaning when the one left out isn’t who, or what, they seem to be. She intends to create a bone-chilling story that fantasizes the consequences of the all too familiar phenomena of exclusion in high schools. This exclusion can leak into every aspect of a persons’ psyche and stay with them throughout their lifetime, affecting everything from their own personal self confidence to the way that they treat others. By targeting toxic behaviour early on, Rami and her team of talented filmmakers aim to reverse this effect, creating an inclusive society for all.

Rami will be teaming up with other young, up-and-coming filmmakers from the Vancouver/Surrey/Burnaby community. Farhad Ghaderi, who is best known for his raw, dream-like imagery, is attached as the cinematographer, and Tawni Botelho, known for her detailed, visually appealing art work has come on as the production designer. With more than 75 credits, Alex Shamku is volunteering to be the sound mixer and designer. The film also includes the support of extremely talented local artists such as Pooja Patel, the wardrobe stylist, Nadia Hoecklin, the key makeup artist, and Corey Woods, the director’s assistant. Sumeet Kumar, best known for his work on short horror films, is producing the project. Although not mentioned, this film would not be possible without the support of all of those who have either backed or are volunteering for the project.

If you believe in this film and this group of talented artists, go to the Odd Girl Indiegogo campaign to help get this film made! You can win some great perks, such as an original script, a chance to be a walk-on extra, and a producer credit. No contribution is too small!

If you cannot contribute, please share and spread the word!

Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/odd-girl-a-short-thriller-film/x/19587438#/


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