NOSTALGIA | Drama Short Film | Atlanta, GA


MALIK and TESS are a young couple who have begun to build their lives with one another. Their seemingly, perfect, loving relationship comes to a crossroad when their willingness to compromise their views on having children peaks. Tess makes a decision that Malik deems unforgivable.

Nostalgia is a drama, short film that depicts a heart wrenching decision this couple makes when love isn’t enough to sustain a future together.

Inspiration for Project

Nostalgia was inspired by one of the producers, Jasmine Putmon, and her wanting to showcase loves pitfalls. She knew she wanted a romance/drama and knew infidelity was too easy and overdone. She was in search of a deeper betrayal. As a woman she also didn’t want to make a film that pined men as the enemy. She was in search of a project that justified both sides and left the viewers to decide whom they were rooting for. One decision, two Victims. Once connecting with Producer, Rachelle Neal/ID Media Grp and writer, Alexis Nicole ;they gave birth to NOSTALGIA.




Future for NOSTALGIA

We have our first official screening of Nostalgia this Wednesday November 28, at 8pm in Atlanta at The Screening Room Atl. In addition, we have also submitted to 3 films festivals. Post screenings we plan to jump back into production and continuing the story; showing life after.

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