NECROMANCY | Drama Short Film | Vancouver, BC

My name is Kirk Bueckert, and I’m the writer of “Necromancy,” a 2018 StoryHive Competition candidate.

Our Premise:

A zombie plague has devastated the masses, transforming infected civilians into ravenous legions of the undead. Though the threat is now contained, society still struggles to rebuild. An institute dubbed the Necromancy Project aims to provide catharsis. The Project houses a number of catatonic undead Wards. In orientation, a representative explains the concept: come to the institute and experience private one-on-one contact with a Ward of your choosing. Various encounters are depicted within a plain white cell. Some Guests know the Wards intimately – they view them as who they once were: a husband, a daughter, a lover. To others they are nothing more than the enemy. Whatever our view as the audience be, by the conclusion we see them in a more abstract light – as human beings.

The Goal:

Our team is a diverse group of young artists living in and around the Vancouver area. Voting begins on April 3 and ends on April 6. Our objective over the next three days is to gather as much online support as possible to better our chances of winning the grant money required to complete this project. With your help, we believe we can achieve our goal and make this dream a reality.



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