Nací Así (Born This Way) | Drama Short Film | Barcelona

Nací Así is a controversial short film that aims to create debate and shed light on this poorly explored but highly sensible theme.

My name is Louise Brix Andersen and I am a Danish filmmaker living and working in Barcelona, Spain. I am also the writer and director of the short film Nací Así (Born This Way). I was inspired to write a story about pedophilia with a different angle than what you usually see, after having seen a documentary about the subject. Researching this theme further brought me to understand that pedophilia doesn’t always have to equal child sex abuse and consumption of child pornography on the Internet. Pedophiles who understand their own condition and can control their impulses are very unlikely to seek help or support, because pedophilia is considered such a big taboo in our society. It cannot be easy to know that you will never in your lifetime experience a truly satisfying sexual or romantic relationship with another person, and moreover you have no one to discuss this with.

When the script was done I knew I had a powerful yet sensible piece, and I was nervous about how people would receive it. To my surprise almost everyone has reacted with open-mindedness and curiosity, which proves to me that there is a genuine interest in debating this subject and finding a better way to avoid pedophiles becoming child sex offenders.

The entire crew and cast are excited about doing something so different and challenging. This is a low budget film, and I am paying all expenses myself. However I have been extremely lucky to find professional and passionate people for my crew and cast who are offering me their services for free. Our very talented Director of Photography Eric Oh, CSC, is shooting the film with his Red Weapon camera.

I encourage everyone to go to our crowdfunding page where we have a presentation video and a teaser, plus of course a very detailed text that explains everything around the project.

The money we are trying to raise will go to cover all the expenses within production and postproduction, but also for festivals. The objective is to get this film out on festivals and have as many people seeing as possible. It is an important subject and one of the goals is to challenge people to talk more openly about pedophilia, raise awareness and create debate.

This film really deserves to be developed into a feature film, where the scenes can be further developed, characters explored and relationship deepened. It is my personal goal to develop the feature script as soon as we have finished the short film. So this is not only about supporting and backing a short film, it is about supporting a cause and a project that has only just begun it’s journey.


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