Milk Before Meat | Drama Short Film | London, ENG

Milk Before Meat follows Oliver Berry, a closeted gay Mormon serving a mission in London. During his mission he meets and gradually falls in love with Alex, all while hiding his sexuality from his mission companion and his church.

This film is created by a small team of 3rd and 2nd year Television Production students as part of a Final Major Project. We have been working on this film for nearly 5 months, researching, writing, casting and filming and we are now in the stages of post-production.

This film was inspired initially by The Book of Mormon musical, by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Autoboyography, a wonderful YA novel by Christina Lauren. The themes of homosexuality touched upon in these two mediums intrigued me to research further into this subject, resulting in Milk Before Meat. The stories I read from ex-Mormons, and the conversations I had with current missionaries shed a light on how the church views homosexuality and how this has affected those who have grown up believing their sexuality was sinful.

We hope that this film can extend further than our university showcase, and are planning to submit the short to various film festivals. We are also looking into working with charities that fight against religious prejudice towards homosexuality, in order to build awareness around this issue.

Although we have finished production, we are still looking for funding in order to cover film festival fees and more advertisement for our film. Please check out our GoFundMe campaign for more information:

Luke Baverstock
Fergal O’Hanlon
Eden McDougall
Wynne Maxwell

Producer & Writer – Amber Cherry
Director – Abir Mohammad
DOP – Maisie Middlewick
Lighting – Louise Stanley
Sound – Henry Kennedy

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