Metal Love | Documentary Short Film | London, ENG

This documentary is about Giacomo Bevanati, a 29 yer old Italian man who lives in London and produces a very complex and unique product. He weaves brass and steel wire to create all sort of art-pieces such as masks, jewellery, etc.

The structure behind the apparent technique for such intertwined stitches is actually non existent and all based on his feelings: an impulsive action between his interior-self and the wire. Each time a different technique creates itself through an intimate and personal process that could be defined as a “gestural doctrine”. Whether this can be considered true art or not is a choice left to the spectator.

In modern society, conflicting concepts such as esotericism are generally objects of re-interpretation of their meaning based on an infinite number of viewpoints toward the same matter. Since esotericism relates to the possession of a higher knowledge that could be known only if a key of interpretation to it is offered, I thought the same concept could easily be applied to some particular forms of arts. Currently, the general concept of art varies through many different aspects. It’s impossible to objectively distinguish what art is and what it isn’t. Mainstream art is what seems to offer ‘the official selection’ of works that can be considered artistic by the current cultural consensus. This sadly means that what does not fall within the standards of such cultural consensus is often discarded, or not offered the slightest consideration, and many artworks are either misinterpreted or remain forever unknown.

In light of the above definitions, we can find many different artists who create some exceptional works of art that are not considered ‘artistic’ simply because the majority of people decides it isn’t. This sort of peripheral group of artists, and their related art works, shall be categorised as ‘esoteric’—a kind of art which is incomprehensible on the surface and needs a key of interpretation to be truly understood, that is the revelation of its secret. This key is offered by the artist’s explanation of the concept that stands at the base of his work. After considering these definitions, I seized upon the idea for an art-documentary project regarding esoteric art: six different artists with their six different kinds of art and six different ‘key-concepts’.

The documentary opens with the artist Giacomo Bevanati, who works with weaved wire and creates jewellery, masks and other designed objects. In some of his performances he collaborates with dancers, for he sees dance as an art that strongly relates to his own. Having seen one of his live performances, I became interested in his work and sought to learn more about it. After a brief preliminary interview, the interesting explanations that hid behind his work turned out to be perfect food to feed the purpose of the documentary project.

The documentary has been screened at the East End Film Festival for the 2018 UEL Showcase and at the Picturehouse Cinema in Stratford. A DCP of the film is available on request.


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