Metafísica | Drama Short Film | Barcelona, ES

“One never forgets, just stops remembering”

Metafísica (Metaphysics, in English) explores the pain caused by separation and frames it within the everydayness of life. Writer and director, Sandro Hernández, by means of this captivating story, revisit that highly popular concept which says, “time heals all wounds” and turns it around by posing the, sometimes intriguing, question “what if it didn’t?”

The short film deals with the story of Alex, a 28-year-old man, as he tries and struggles to move on with his life while reminiscing about the past, 157 days after his last breakup. In Hernández’s own words “I am trying to tell a story with a very personal component. And a very intimate one as well which, however, follows a situation that is so relatable to many up to some point. That moment in which time goes on, without any worries, and it doesn’t even stop to make sure you feel better or with the necessary strength to keep going.”

Finding himself in a situation that threatens to become his normality, Alex must rediscover his true self and assume that is possible to go on, even if that does not mean any happiness for him.

The creative team surrounding Hernández is composed of talented women from different countries, every one of them contributing with their professional experience as well as their ingenious vision in each field.

Shooting will take place in Barcelona and begin in early July and last till August. About the choice, Hernández added “We chose Barcelona as it is a great city with so many different layers to discover, every one of them with a story on its own. And of course, because it fits our production needs. It’s great to be able to work in a city that is willing to support local productions.” After that, the film is expected to premiere in late November, once sound and color postproduction tasks are over.

At the time of writing this article, the film is already in a very advanced stage of pre-production. It has also started a crowdfunding campaign whose objective is to raise the necessary budget for rental, production and distribution expenses. The campaign is being held in Verkami, a very well-known crowdfunding platform with more than 6000 successfully crowdfunded projects and with a strong presence in Europe and South America. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated and can help the project come to fruition.

Facebook & Instagram: @metafisicashortfilm



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