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“Me Too” is a short drama film following three teenage girls who are catcalled on their way home from school, forcing them to confront the realities of unwanted sexual attention. The situation turns their world upside down.

Me Too is film I wrote a few years ago. I wanted to write a truthful story and to depict the two main characters at complicated time in their lives, and an event they go through which will shape them in a way that they can never go back to their previous selves.

When I was 14, construction works started in my middle school, to build a new gym. In the meantime, me and the other girls had to change in a temporary building adjacent to the construction site. One day, one of the teachers walked in and told us that the construction workers were peeping at us through the windows, and we had to be careful. That was it.

Back then I was already used to street harassment. 2 years earlier, as I was walking home with my mum, a man had stopped me to ask me out. He didn’t seem to mind that I was only 12.
I was told that I should cover up. That it was my fault for wearing grown up clothes, for having a grown up body at a young age.

It’s so important for me to tell this story because I think about young people, going through puberty, adolescence, but also grown-up things they are too young to handle. I hope that these stories will make them realize they are not alone. Others go through this.

Sexual abuse is brutal and cruel. It happens to ordinary people, to everyone. The victims don’t have to be good or innocent people. Innocence doesn’t protect children from it.

And, unfortunately, the effects last much longer than the actual abuse. But no one really talks about it. We either see the victims kill themselves, or get their revenge, or need the help of a saviour. And what is happening afterwards? Too often, we never see the true consequences. The aftermath. The trauma. How it continues to impact people’s lives for a very long time afterwards.

This aftermath is something I want to depict in Me Too, because it seems like no one cares but the victims. And that’s why I am making this movie, because something so important, so serious should be handled in a better way. I want the audience to face the ugly truth, the terrible things that are happening to these young girls who are just starting to learn more about their sexuality and are already so heavily sexualised.

Women from so many different countries have literally been through the same issues. Together we stand stronger.

That’s why I am making this movie. To give our stories a proper representation.

And we need your help to make our vision a reality. To tell survivors that we support them.




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2 thoughts on “Me Too | Drama Short Film | London, ENG”

  1. Alan MacRae

    A subject close to my heart – for a time I was responsible for safeguarding children in Wiltshire. Good luck with your film and if you need original music, I’d be happy to be involved.

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