Masks | Multiple-Storyline Feature Film | London, ENG

‘Masks’ – Feature Film
Living and existing are two different things

The residents of a shared building in London each find their façades cracking in a series of intimate, interlinking encounters.

A multiple-storyline, inspired by the inventive narrative structures from filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch and Michelangelo Antonioni.

We all hide so much in private spaces, behind thin divides. There’s such a profound division between the public and the private self. ‘Masks’ enters the forbidden space where people reveal themselves to themselves.

‘Masks’ is dedicated to portraying the destructive effects of trauma and isolation, as well as the intimacy and love to be gained from human connections. Ultimately, ‘Masks’ is a celebration of contemporary life in all its vibrant complexity, exploring the poignant and vibrant topics of identity, mental health, domestic abuse, sexual orientation, and gender dynamics.

There are still stark generational and cultural divides in attitudes towards the LGBTQ community and the equality between women and men, which affects people’s lives in major ways. Society has made progress, but it still has a long way to go when it comes to the freedom for people to be who they want to be. As a female-driven feature project, we hope to contribute to both the flourishing presence of women in filmmaking, and the representation of feminist and LGBTQ narratives on screen.

We believe that ‘Masks’ will be of interest to a wide range of audiences, as it explores topics pertinent to every life.

Help us make this story become a reality. You can support this film by sharing or donating to our crowd-funding campaign. Every amount will help us massively – big or small. We’d like to say thank you so much in advance for being part of this project, and for the support we continue to receive!



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