Love’s Algorithm | Romantic Comedy Sci-Fi | Cambridge, Cambs

In the not too distant future a lonely female mechanic creates the world’s first emotional robot to assist her in finding love.

The film is a 10-minute quirky Romantic Comedy set in the not too distant future where the growing population has squeezed out the classic family home for single bedroom flats.

Our protagonist Pam, aged 47, is more comfortable working with machinery than people, but everyone has that spark in them when love is involved.

After failing to get her feelings across several times to her local delivery man, Pam creates an emotional robot called Chip out of the dusty junk in her flat. She believes that Chip will coach her through the trials and errors of dating.

However, Pam is unprepared for the unpredictability of Chip’s emotions. In a VR simulated restaurant she realises that he isn’t fit to coach her through a ‘practice date’ after all.

The screenplay for Love’s Algorithm has been altered numerous times as the story changed and developed. The narrative explores romance in an unusual and unexpected setting creating an innovative storyline. The passion for this story comes from the dedication we have shown over the months re-writing over and over again. We have explored every possible genre and outcome of this film and kept questioning where we ended up. Our intention was never to write a quirky romantic comedy set in the future and yet this setting naturally developed over time.

The story itself draws from the very real issue of disconnection in a modern society, the idea that everyone wants to find love; but is technology assisting or blocking that process? Dating Websites, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all seem to be increasingly involved in creating relationships so what happens if someone isn’t as up to date as everyone else? How do they feel? The main characters Pam (Beverley Purkiss-Dean) and Jamie/Chip (Ian Williamson) are both challenging due to their mutual introverted natures. Our actors have made a brilliant contribution to the story aiding us throughout the development process, knowing that they are fully invested in this production makes us confident that we will achieve the outcome we have been aiming for with the story.

The film wasn’t inspired by any other films that share the romantic comedy genre, this makes it an outsider, much like our main character Pam. We drew ideas from the science fiction genre throughout the writing process to build up this world, Pam’s story is just outcome of this new modern society.

The film is currently in its production process and the film’s director George Turner believes that being a filmmaker throws up constant problems that test you mentally, physically and emotionally. Being the creative and resourceful person helps in keeping you driven to complete each project to the best of your ability. As this is out first independent short film project we must constantly push ourselves to aim for a higher value of production. We hope that everyone enjoys watching our film as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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