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Little Business: A Lockdown Film | Short Film | Gosport, UK

Little Business: A Lockdown Film follows a young girl that has her entrepreneurial side sparked after seeing her mum struggle as a key worker. Covid-19 has been a rollercoaster for everyone involved but now we need to think about how we’re going to get off! How can we reopen the country and help the economy get back to where it once was?

Director and Writer Brad Mackay wanted to highlight the part that small businesses play in our economy. By trade, Brad helps businesses with their marketing, content and online presence. By nature, he is an aspiring filmmaker trying to make a positive change by telling powerful stories. “The story isn’t so far from my own, since I was young I wanted to have my own business. I just didn’t have the courage to start MacMedia until late last year. The story highlights the struggles of being self-employed but also how rewarding it can be! The main aim is to inspire people, no matter how old, to take the plunge and to now help the country get back on its feet. I worked with some incredibly talented crew and cast to make this happen in such a restrictive time! I couldn’t be more thankful for my team” Brad says.

The added measures to filmmaking meant the characters had to be cast strategically so that they could have contact in scenes. The girl and mother character are actually real-life mother and daughter! This also added natural chemistry on-set.

“The actors and Darren, the chaperone, were incredible! Darren could not have been more helpful. During production, he was basically our very script supervisor pointing out continuity and making sure Honor (young girl character) didn’t put things back in the wrong place. We could tell he had been on a few sets before!” Explained Jacob Neller the cinematographer explained.

The team behind ‘Little Business: A Lockdown Film’ hope to submit the film to film festivals to spread the positivity and show their outlook on Covid-19. The film is a glimpse of the pandemic and how communities have banded together to create a better future for everyone.

The short film has been entered into this year’s Musicbed Reopen Challenge which is open to filmmakers to try and inspire people to help the world reopen! If you have the time please give it a watch and vote for Brad and his team!


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