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Life | Series | New York, NY

It’s a series about 4 girls from different background gathers into 1 place and time after time remembers the past. All four girls are from different religions but on rent by a single owner the series will be of 100 episodes each episode will be shown 4 times a day with no ads and for 15 mins songs or music will be added as when they r not remembering and on each person there will be a different situation and even if they are thinking of their past the song or music will be there will be a mix of hindi snd english songs as this will cater worldwide audiences.1) a girl enters the room and checks out the surrounding looking at each and every corner talking to herself oh this place is not bad atleast for now its good for me looking for the place to keep her stuff and than thinking to clean the place at first and standing looking out of the window breathing fresh air2)another girl enters the room and looking around than she looks at her and says hi the first girl turns around and says hello than they start talking to each other for a while (the chat hey its a nice place the second girl tells the first one i was looking for a good thing where i can enjoy the time spend and u know what i was expecting someone should be there for me to be my friend with whom i can go out and share my thoughts and my experiences so i met u i hope so our frienship goes well first girl i was just thinking about myself and was just deciding where to keep my things and to clean the room i am a little weird person i dont have many friends but i like to go out and have fun after all life is for fun if u dont give life a chance than u shouldn’t expect from so never look at things the negative way there are always many positive things happening around u just have to look around)the 3 and the fourth girls will be coming into the picture a little later that means just after one or two episodes when these two girls will be atleast close to good friends so the story will be in a emotional but a unique sense will be there.


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5 thoughts on “Life | Series | New York, NY”

  1. Lizabeth Cooper


    My name is Lizzy Ashliegh! Would love to audition for this piece if you seek fit. Check out my work via Social Media @LizzyAshMusic. Hope to hear from you soon. Have an amazing Friday!

    Peace and Love,


    My name is Rosse Louis
    I am 33 years old, I am an actress with dancing and singing background. I am available for shorts or features and also looking to audition for your upcoming project, thank you


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