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The Last Fish Pot | Documentary | Holetown, St. James – Barbados


The Last Fish Pot is a story about Neal’s journey of healing and responsibility into adulthood, by learning the trade of making and setting fish pots.

Three Line:

Coming from a big family that grew up 20 feet from the ocean, Neal always had a calling to the beach. It was a place of freedom and relaxation. During Neal’s teenage years He gravitated to it even more.

Being at Aunty Lucille’s house he often ran into His Grand father, these constant meetings resulting in Neal’s rehabilitation from his parent’s separation and divorce.

Neal’s Grand father caught two fish with one hook, Helping Neal grow into a better and more understanding person, and learn the traditions of fish potting.


This Film embarks on Neal’s Journey of healing, learning patience, responsibility, and strength through one of the oldest and dying fishing traditions in Barbados. During Neal’s teenage years He struggled to deal with settling between his parents. The Disappointment of his parents divorce he decided to move away from both of them, moving to Fitts Village. Fitts Village was one of the key moments in His life, knowing that this home was built with a solid foundation with stone of the beach, hearts and tiny hands of aunts and uncle with his grandfather. His grandfather built this home with the future in mind, so anyone can come, having one common place everyone can bond.

Barbados, situated in the southern Atlantic, is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands, set off on its own as though wanting to be different. It surely is, this “Little England,” as some call it. After more than 300 years of British rule, Barbados, independent since 1966, is a delightful mix of pretty Colonial architecture, quaint gardens, proper British etiquette and endless cricket, intermixed with West Indian and African colors and culture. Throw in a tropical climate and miles of white sandy beaches and Little England becomes, well, a little different than other Caribbean islands but one to be experienced. I’ve had it on my bucket list for years and at long last.


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