Just Tell Him How You Feel | Comedy Short Film | Sydney, NSW

“Just Tell Him How You Feel” is a tragic comedy based on the idea of truth within relationships, and ‘how honest is too honest?’ A girl finds out the hard way, that putting your heart on the line isn’t always going to go the way you think it will.

The seed of this idea is inspired by a true event. Melissa Brownlow (Writer/Actor) had taken a big risk and worked up the courage to tell someone her true feelings for them, only to discover it wasn’t reciprocated. When making yourself that vulnerable, taking a risk, and trying to be as authentic/honest as we all aspire to be, only then to have that risk not pay off, is a pretty debilitating feeling in the moment. As if you’ve taken your heart out of your chest for someone, only to find that they are not on the same page as you.

Despite this short film being a comedy, “Just Tell Him How You Feel” is saturated in a realistic tragedy. Relationships, especially ones of the romantic thread, are rarely straight-forward. Never just black and white. However awkward and uncomfortable, we are able to empathize equally with the honesty from both characters. Being able to recognize the humour in a very complicated, tragic and painful situation.

Josh Calder (Director/Producer) and Melissa originally met in the stairwell of their old apartment complex in early January, having actually lived next door to each other for about eight months and never having met. Josh had some guys hauling a piano up the stairs and so they were both awkwardly stuck to make small talk for ten minutes. After realizing they were both in the same industry and shared a deep obsession with films, they decided they should probably make the most of being neighbors and create something together that they were both passionate about.

Both keenly interested in the idea of truth, the whole concept of being honest, and being true to your feelings, but when does that ‘truth’ become too honest; this film is aspiring to be a part of a little anthology series based on the idea of honesty going wrong. The next short in the series, which is planned to film this June, is titled ‘Cut the Cord’ and is centered around a toxic friendship, where one person needs to cut the metaphorical cord, and distance themselves from a strained friendship.

Website: https://vimeo.com/builtbytinker

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