Junkball 2: Junkballer | Comedy | Glasgow, Scotland UK

You ever sometimes see a group of really bad ass people and think… they are just so bad ass, I wanna spend a Friday night doing whatever they’re doing? I wanna hang where they hang? I wanna go to industrial warehouses at 2am and see obscure artists with them? Ali, Abbey & Anna kind of feel that way about an old friend Natalia and her ‘gang’, who they haven’t seen in years but could be the answer to their little problem they face at the end of JUNKBALL.

In early 2018 I made a film called Junkball. This was a self funded DIY project that I made alone, about a group of best friends and their ‘dodgy’ business. I’m no camera OP, the film is DIY, and being self taught I learned a lot to take into my next venture… So my ambition is to make a sequel that surpasses the first film,with strong visuals as well as an interesting narrative and better storyline. I want to pay cast and crew for their time as I am very passionate about this.

Through making my micro shorts (which can be seen at www.vimeo.com/caitylougheed) I’ve networked this year and managed to put together a brilliant cast and very talented crew and these people are so talented and hard working that they deserve to be compensated for their time. I’ve set my goal as £1000, it’s not a lot of money in film world, basically I could pay cast and crew at barely the industry standard but it’s so important in my opinion to offer payment if you can. Crew and cast work so hard! So I would aim to raise as much as we can.

The first junkball can be seen here https://vimeo.com/276963907/7a81c0984a. This film was made on no budget, by one person. I like to think of it as a really long trailer for the next one! I know that with a full crew and proper post production this next film will really be something. This sequel will follow the girls as they are forced to team up with an old friend and her very ‘baller’ gang to take care of the problem that they faced at the end of Junkball… watch to find out what they need to deal with! This film will be colourful, funny, current and well shot! I plan to film and submit it to festivals in 2019. Any contribution is so appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read this!

Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/junkball-2-junkballer/x/19133175#/


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