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JOA is a story about a female archaeologist who becomes “the hunted” on her search for a legendary artifact. Inspired by films like Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Tomb Raider, it will take exploring our humanity through adventure storytelling to a new level.

An award-winning team will introduce an African American adventure heroine and a diverse cast for a “David and Goliath” type story.  Filmmaker Merri Christi Pemberton began developing a new feature film in 2013, which became an adventure film. Joined by a team of award-winning and accomplished film and television producer-directors and actors who are part of the JOA production adviser team, the film is wrapping up the pre-production stage in 2018 and is planning a late 2018 or early 2019 production.

INCLUSION RIDER: More Female Voices And Diversity

Pemberton’s films create opportunities for more female voices and add overall diversity to the film industry. In JOA, she will star in the lead role as Morgan, an African American female archaeologist. The remaining cast of characters will represent a variety of ethnicities and are from different walks of life.

Merri Christi Shares Her Inspiration For Creating Compelling Stories

“As a female Producer and Director, it is a pleasure to represent women in film and to tell a story from the spirit, soul, and body that has yet to be told. It has been my dream to create not only films, but to create story classics that will last and penetrate the heart. There are not enough movies that truly push the limits on what women can and do achieve; that is something I am changing.

JOA was inspired by adventure roles like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, but we add a whole new flavor and twist to our plot and how the JOA story is told. My desire is for the story to resonate globally and uplift our audience.”

In February 2018, Pemberton released the short film Mystery Of The Blue Stone, which is part of the JOA origin story series. This series include short online episodic stories, which builds the backstory to Morgan including her exile period in the United Kingdm years prior to the JOA timeline.

As a David and Goliath story where the lead role (Morgan) and her expedition team faces ”Goliath-sized” dangers, the film asks the question of who we are as a world and humankind. We will see characters who must face tremendous fears and find the courage to fight through them. We will also explore the rocky journey of forgiveness after betrayal, lost unfinished love, and the road to redemption and Faith.

For more information about the film and the production team, visit its website at and its Seed And Spark profile at The Seed And Spark page, which includes upcoming events at special rates, will be active until April 23, 2018. The film provides opportunities for individuals and businesses who would like to become involved in the production and to also attend JOA production launch events and planning meetings.


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