How Am I Doing | Drama Series | New York City, NY

How Am I Doing is a peek into Eli’s world, a middle-aged actor, fighting to chase his dream while struggling with divorce and an alcohol addiction that is constantly staring him in the face. Grappling with his new circumstances, Eli juggles auditions and the responsibilities of being a single parent, and sometimes drops the ball on his daughter Becka. As his ex-wife, Ronda, moves on with a commercially successful surgeon, Ira, Eli finds himself competing for relevance in Becka’s life. His only connection with her is through their artistic passion; Eli and acting, Becka and violin. While advocating a spot for Becka at a renowned school of the musical arts, Eli also must contend with growing tensions from Ronda and Ira. With temptation at every turn, Eli consistently fights to do his best, but progress is not linear. With a gritty, real-life perspective of family, addiction, and life in New York City, this TV pilot is deeply relatable for anyone who has struggled keeping balance in their life.

For Ken Perlstein, executive producer, writer, and actor, this is a deeply personal story, explaining “My dream of this pilot began with looking at my own struggles and challenges: raising a family, being a husband and father, keeping my sobriety, all while continuing to pursue my career as an actor.” Ken will portray Eli, the protagonist of How Am I Doing.

Excitingly enough, we are finished with casting. We are in the process of location scouting in the Upper West Side of New York. It is important to our writer that How Am I Doing is shot in the Upper West Side because the chaotic and gritty nature of the city reflects Eli’s life. “It’s a lot of stimulus being thrown at you and plowing right through,” Ken Perlstein says, reflecting on Eli’s persistence regardless of his difficult circumstances.

Our prospective shooting dates are sometime in October. We will be shooting a sizzle reel of the hour long pilot. With that, we plan on submitting it for series potential to Netflix, FX, Hulu and Showtime!

Everyone involved with the project is so eager to bring How Am I Doing to life, but we can’t do it without your help! Check out our GoFundMe page with fun perks. Or follow us at @HowAmIDoingPilot on Instagram and Facebook for a look behind the scenes! Any and all support would mean the world to us.



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