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HIGHER LOVE | Music Video | Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

At the time of completing this article, Higher LOVE will have its VIRTUAL WORLD PREMIERE on Sunday/April 19, 2020/2PM EST . Will be available for viewing at Brian Thomas’ IGTV (@brianthomasfilms ) & on Youtube (search for Higher Love by SpinKick Pictures) .

Synopsis: This Music Video stars the talented Carishma who delivers an impactful yet enchanting performance with subtle nuances to her graceful movements that can be described as captivatingly beautiful. Director Brian Thomas envisioned this video to tell a story of a young lady on a crossroads of attaining the highest level of LOVE and taking her on a journey of looking from within towards Self-Love realization. Because, by learning how to love yourself most especially your imperfections, only then you can blossom to a wonderful human being inside and out and attain Higher Love in it most authentic way. Brian, took the message of the song to the next level and not only delivered an amazing workmanship but also a message so timely and relevant especially nowadays.

This music video version of Higher Love tells a story of a world where our past, present and future merged where time is of non-existence (sort of time and space continuum feel for all the cool nerds out there). It takes you to a level of appreciation of our time honored past and traditions while motivating you to help usher it towards a brighter future with intention of creating a world filled with HOPE, OPTIMISM and LOVE. The stunning cinematography, with the delicate yet powerful choreography by Joanna Numata , and the thoughtful inclusion of diverse back up dancers just elevated the already powerful and relevant message of this video.

Special mention to the girl who portrayed the younger version of Carishma, her character helped complete the story and made it poetic and magical. 


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