Heavenly Hexes | Supernatural Fantasy Short Film | Brighton, ES

In the early 1980’s, a Guardian Angel falls in love with an expectant mother whom he is looking after. In order to profess his feelings for her without suffering the consequences of his forbidden love, he decided to give up his powers and turn human, unaware of the dark forces covering the woman’s unborn child.

This short film is a direct prequel to the supernatural drama web series “Grimoire”, taking place more than thirty years prior to the series’ start. The film also serves as a setup for the upcoming second season of the series, where many remaining questions will be answered. Our biggest inspiration for the film was the 1960’s classic “Rosemary’s Baby”, along with many other cult classics that portray their child characters as an innocent shell with an evil essence, such as “The Exorcist”, “The Omen” and “The Prophecy”, to mention a few. The film “Wings of Desire” was also examined and used as inspiration for the angelic love theme.

Production took place over the course of 2 long consecutive days without any prior rehearsals. The first shooting day was the toughest, especially for writer/director, Sultan AlKazmi, who was fasting from food and water all day until sunset, which creates a challenge for his directing and acting skills, especially because he had to wear a heavy leather jacket and film in a room with no air conditioning. Ironically, the sun set the minute he left the building after filming was completed. He and several other crew members made a toast with their water bottles before finally ending his fasting. The hospital scene was filmed in a classroom, so the “hospital” set had to be built from scratch. Due to the low budget, the crew had very limited resources, and the set was simplified to a minimum. The cast and crew played a running gag with the baby doll that was used for the newborn child; the doll was so fake that it was heavily covered in towels, and the cast and crew joked that it was an evil baby, for it would often pop its fake head out of the towels to ruin the take.

Although this is only a 15 minute film, there is a definite upcoming sequel which will also serve as an opener to Grimoire season two, where both storylines begin to blend together. There have been several talks about producing a spin-off for one or several characters from the film, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. We hope the “Grimoire” fans enjoy the film, for we’ve thrown in many easter eggs and reference several characters from the original series, as well as several special appearances and familiar faces. “Heavenly Hexes” is a supernatural dark fantasy film about love and sacrifice, taking place in a world caught in the middle of an uprising apocalypse. An exciting journey within the human world and beyond.

Website: www.GrimoireWebSeries.com

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