Harmonized Combustion | Horror Short Film | Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Harmonized Combustion is a short horror film written and directed by Douglas A. Ewen.

I have always been a horror junkie since I was a toddler in the 80’s. My mother rented Natural Born Killers and brought all my friends and me to see Howard Stern’s Private Parts for my 12th birthday, so it is safe to say my parents may have caused this. The movie is about bringing music back into ‘horror’, not with a scary score or a jump scare organ blast but, as a weapon. Rae is a young woman who wakes up with a curse that turns her biggest love, music, into a weapon. People seem to spill their guts around her every time a nice harmony is playing. Music was meant to soothe your broken heart not blow it out your chest! Its fun, original, and I play off a lot of different directorial styles that are not incredibly associated with ‘horror”. Like, David Lynch and David Cronenberg. I want to make people feel uncomfortable not because they’re grossed out but, because the film has taken something away from them after they watch it. I am also Canadian and I am new to directing. I have written many short stories – published – and screenplays but now that I am in film school I have decided to venture behind the camera some more. It is a great time for everyone and we are debuting at The Blood in the Snow Film Festival in November. We’re still currently in production, as we campaign for our final scene, but, are very confident in our work and have a fantastic team with a lot of experienced professionals who have worked on SFX, feature films, and makeup.

Keep an eye out for this Canadian gem as it debuts later this year.

Thank you

Douglas A. Ewen

Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/harmonized-combustion-short-film-horror


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