FREEZE | Documentary | Fichtelberg/Oberwiesenthal, NI


We want to ask you about your own limits
People around you want to tell what´s your limit.
They want to restrict you for your own save they said. They don’t see your vision.
If you ask, you want their support because you are sometimes also doubtful about your idea.
But often after your questions you are not smarter. Sometimes it is not much missing and you believed them. But trust in yourself.

We take a seriously summer outdoor sport and put them into a country full of snow.
All you need for a good spot to ride BMX Flatland is a dry, grippy and flat bottom.
All what you can´t find in snow.
Perfect requirements to push the limits.

We take Dustyn Alt for the cast, he is one of the Top5 in the World. If he can´t do it then they are right. Challenge enough to make it!

It was also not easy to plan the shots the way they worked for the first time because we did not want any footsteps in the snow before. So, a lot of preliminary work was needed.
We drew each shot beforehand in a storyboard. We waited for bad weather and then it had to be fast. We created the fog live on set.
After many hours deep in snow we had it.

The music was composed by Tom Glombik. He created them only after the setting of moods.
The music was finished before the first day of shooting started.

Cycling in the snow is only the means of transport of what we want to say.
If we always listen to everyone else then we can not make progress ourselves.



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