Final Call | Romantic Drama Series | Picayune, MS

The TV Series folds around an undercover police officer that is thrown into unexpected situations while he try’s to rekindle his troubled marriage and repair his lost connection with his family only to realize that things will not be as easy as he expected. John soon begins to realize that his brothers wife has a crush on him which will soon cause trouble in is marriage his job and with his brother. The series will take place in the year 2019 in a small town of Mississippi where veteran police officer John Davis works as an undercover narcotics police officer tasked with bringing down the local drug cartels and dealers in the southern Mississippi, and louisiana area. He will soon have major conflicts in his personal life with his wife and family that will have major impacts in his career.

Final Call was written by Actor Mike Young alongside Writer and Director Justin Havard. The series is rumored to be released on Netflix and Amazon. The series will be produced by Catahoula Cadre Films and in Association by Mystic Cadre Films lead by Christopher Musgrove. Mike Young and Justin Harvard will also star in the Lead Roles of John and Seth Davis. No other information on cast has been comfirmed. The script was originally set for a feature film release but was soon moved to a Series. There is currently no information on the number of seasons the series will run. Filming is set for early Summer 2019, and to premiere in 2020.

Filming will take place in the southeast region, with locations in MS and LA. There is currently no budget set for the series yet.

Developement for the script began in April 2018 and script was complete a month later for further edits. Actor Mike Young first had the idea in mind for a romantic drama feature film revolving around the events in a personal life style. With the help of his friend and co-writer Justin Havard; Producer of Catahoula Cadre Films a local Picayune, MS film company set to make the film possible. Havard is also a Film student of USM. Young has also worked with his talant agent for possible additional support for a bigger budget increase and support on the series with other top production company’s in the film industry.

Mike Young who begin his acting career in 2017, working on several titles and productions until his big break-in on the hit TV Show NCIS: New Orleans as FBI Agent Baker. Young who is also the Creator and Writer of the series Final Call has rumored that he will also write other scripts and screenplays with help from other writers and producers.



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2 thoughts on “Final Call | Romantic Drama Series | Picayune, MS”

  1. Mike Giambrone

    Hello everyone, I’, Mike Giambrone a write/Director as well. I just read about your series, and I’m very intrigued by it. It seems like it has a lot of potential. I wish you all the best, and hope to be able to watch the series very soon.

    Kind Regards,
    Michael N. Giambrone

    1. Thank you for your feedback, we are very pleased that you liked this article and cant wait to deliver a wonderful series to our audience.

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