Faded | Drama Short Film | Los Angeles/Anaheim/Laguna Beach, CA

How do you define love? And how do you define loss?

One of the newest films to come from the Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts’ graduate program, Faded explores a fresh perspective on both of these concepts through dynamic visual storytelling. Writer and director, Kik Udomprasert uses this story of love and loss as a vehicle to direct awareness to the need of minority representation in the American cinema.

Faded chronicles a couple’s heartbreaking love story through the lens of real life. Jenna is living and experiencing life together with her husband Ryan. However, when Ryan loses all his memory after a serious car accident, which includes that of their life together, Jenna must push through the pain she’s facing and attempt to guide the couple through their everyday life to try and jog his memory. When her attempts prove fruitless, the couple must readjust and rediscover love for one another. Without choice and commitment, is a mere feeling enough to define, or sustain, love? And how can you say it is better to have loved and lost, when the person you lost is right in front of you?

Intentionally created to put minority faces on screen and inspire conversation about diversity in American cinema, Faded has no racial commentary, only human experiences relatable to almost every person in its targeted audience. It isn’t aimed to spark arguments, but to bring people of together in one cinema experience and erase the racial boundaries—to let them look at the life of a couple as people, and relate to them without trying to filter them based on which racial group they belong to—a step forward for cinema in a country made up of immigrants and minority groups.

Website: http://www.fadedmovie2018.com

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