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Everpresent | Drama Short Film | DALLAS, TX

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Everpresent | Drama Short Film | DALLAS, TX 2

Making her way as an outcast, a young woman’s journey is harshly interrupted.

The use of water as a metaphor in movies has captivated me for as long as I’ve been trying to make my own movies. When you stop and really think about it, the fact that water falls from the sky, is truly awe-inspiring. For this film I wanted to use water as a metaphor, in the form of rain. And I couldn’t have made that happen without an incredible group of collaborators. Thank you for watching our film and I hope a meaningful experience finds you in it.

I was first attracted to filmmaking at the age of 15, when I realized I could create my own stop motion films with my parents’ point and shoot camera. In 2012 I married my highschool sweetheart. A few years later we decided to leave our jobs and our home town to walk a continuous 2,600 mile path through desert and mountains from Mexico to Canada. My experience on the pacific crest trail changed my life. My identity as a filmmaker transformed into my identity as a human.

Today I realize what I do as an artist does not define me. And I think that makes me a better artist than I used to be. What I find most fulfilling about my work is getting to be an avenue for someone to share their voice and their truth. I also enjoy helping viewers put themselves in the shoes of others. Empathy is one thing our world will never have enough of. And I am excited to take part in an artform that helps people develop a better understanding of their fellow brothers and sisters on this small home we call Earth.

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