Eldritch Code | Fantasy Short Film | Stockholm, SE

A dedicated IT-guy must stop a computer virus from spreading, unaware about the cosmic horrors he is about to release.

Eldritch Code is a short film inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft spirit placed in modern times.

The film is based on a short story called “One of those days” written by Glen Cadigan and illustrated by Chee Yang Ong. It was published by BOOM! Studios in Cthulhu Tales.

For over a year, the Eldritch Code has been playing around at festivals around the world and has won several awards. The film is made entirely without budget, but with a big effort from everyone in the team.

Director Ivan Radovic says it took all his spare time for one year to complete the movie. “When you have a job that requires 120% of your time, it will be a long production process. But it’s not just me who worked hard, 3D and VFX have taken a long time to make it, so I’m very grateful for everyone’s effort. ”

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Directed by:
Ivan Radovic

Martin Hendrikse
Lisa Bearpark

Cinematography by:
Majaq Julen

Music by:
David Ristrand

Sound Editor:
Alexander Kassberg

Visual Effects by:
Ivan Radovic
Richard Paus
Jeancarlo Esteban

Trieste Science+Fiction Film Festival, Itally 2017
Filmquest, Utah 2017
Monster Fest, Australia 2017
A Night of Horror, Australia 2017
H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, Oregon 2017
Necromicon, Rhode Island 2017
IFI Horrorthon, Ireland 2017
Frostbiter Horror Film Fest, Iceland 2017
Terror in the Bay, Canada 2017
Dracula Film Fest, Romania 2017
Scare-a-Con, New York 2017
Fantastik Filmfestival, Sweden 2017
Monsters of Film, Sweden 2017
FKM Fantastic Film Fest, Spain 2017
Sacalacalaca Horror & Sci-fi Festival, Mexico 2017
Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival, UK 2017
Sixth Sense Horror Film Festival, India 2017
Cryptshow Festival, Spain 2017
Nightmares Film Festival, Ohio 2017
Fantosfreak Festival, Spain 2017
Happenstance Horror Fest, Massachusetts 2017
Sin City Horror Fest, Nevada 2017
Mediterranean Film Festival, Italy 2017
Spotlight Horror Film Awards, Gold 2017
Lost Episode, Canada 2017
Killer Valley Horror Film Festival, Oregon 2017
Buried Alive Horror Film Festival, Georgia 2017
Fake Flesh,
Weird Film Fest, California 2018
Weird Wednesday, Germany 2018
Super Geek Film Festival, Florida 2018
Dublin SCI-FI Film Festival, Ireland 2018

Website: https://www.facebook.com/EldritchCode/

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