El Luchador | Drama | Los Angeles, CA

I want to tell the kind of stories I want to see: noble, memorable characters involved in dramatic worlds dipped in abstract ideas and surrealism.

With EL LUCHADOR, I represent my Hispanic heritage and culture on screen. I grew up watching lucha libre wrestling, and I wanted to explore that vibrantly athletic world with a touching story that can warm viewers with a touch of inspiration. It’s my first time writing a film in Spanish, rooting the story in a Mexican-American household. It was important for me to have an entirely Hispanic cast, from the professional wrestling talent to the actors and even some of the crew. Two highlights for me were our wrestling mask maker and wrestling ring provider. These guys know their craft and live and breathe lucha libre.

We also made a big effort to bring on many Hispanic musicians to create the score. From melodic heavy metal to Spanish acoustic guitars, bass and trumpet, we recorded every single musical sound you hear. The entire score is organic, giving the film a much richer, real sound that we’ve never attempted before.

The film is now entering the festival circuit. I’m nervous and psyched. It’s one thing to dive deep into the making of a creative project, providing it with every ounce of passion you have for it. And then it’s another to finally give it up and share it with the world. What will they think? Will its message deliver? Will all the hard work pay off? Whatever happens, I continue to be incredibly proud of my team and what we’ve made, spending our days on a strong labor of love. Anything else is extra spices on the salsa.

Website: https://www.sweetnightmaresfilms.com/

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1 thought on “El Luchador | Drama | Los Angeles, CA”

  1. Muy Bien! Gavilan De Oro es muy buen luchador y aparte gran actor. Lo he visto pelear varias veces en California. Un rudo de primera maestro del ring. Hecho en East LA 100% gracias por representar a tu comunidad y a este gran deporte.

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