“Echoes in Silence” (Phoenix) | Drama Short Film | New York City, NY


I hope you all are well!

Beyonce’s “Lemonade” but for the #MeToo movement meets “Fight Club”.

“Echoes in Silence” (Phoenix) is a universal story about self-acceptance, healing & sisterhood. This film is told through the lens of six different women who are a manifestation of one woman as they go on a journey to find truth in themselves whilst formulating a sisterhood along the way. This is a story about healing and construction over destruction.

We love your platform and your website and we would be so honored if you were to feature our film “Echoes in Silence” (Phoenix) on your website to help spread the word of film as we continue to crowd-fundraise for it.

We are fundraising through Seed & Spark with the partnership with the Film Fatales and Indieworks. https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/echoes-in-silence#story

The film has assembled an award-winning ALL female cast & crew. We are LGBTQIA inclusive in cast, crew & in characters in the film. We are shooting this film with the unrepresented female gaze. We are showing women as they truly are; giving a voice to the silenced and/or unheard.

If you support sisterhood, the #MeToo movement, love, healing, self-acceptance, women, psychological dramas, representation, inclusion, feminism, the female gaze, and so much more, then this film is for you. HELP US GET THIS FILM MADE.

Please view our Press Release attached for more information.

We’d love to be featured on your amazing site.

Thank you for the consideration!


Viktoria I.V. King
Creative Director & Executive Producer of Cyne 59 Productions

Website: https://cyne59.weebly.com/echoes-in-silence.html

Trailer: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/echoes-in-silence#story


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