Echoes in an Empty Apartment | Noir Mystery Short Film | Glendale, CA

“Echoes in an Empty Apartment” paints an atmospheric and dangerously dreamy world where we find The Angel, a beautiful and deadly hit-woman on the run. She is a vigilante living by her own unique moral code, selecting to be hired solely by women in need of help from situations they cannot escape. But, something will be different about her next job and she will face a betrayal that will force her to question everything she thought she knew.

Both our director Alex Reyme and cinematographer Derrick Sims had a deep love for film noir and knew the genre well. It was important to create something fresh by rearranging the key elements of classic noir into something new that modern audiences could access. Together they worked with set designer Lauren Stewart and costume designer Makysha Barksdale to create a powerful visual world that would be seductive to today’s viewers while paying a deep homage to film noir of the past.

“Echoes in an Empty Apartment” stars Lindsay Lane, Trey McCurley, Katherine Adams, Ko Wills and T.W. Reed.

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