Eat Jeremy | Dark Comedy Short Film | London, ENG

How early is too early to submit to cannibalism in a post apocalypse? Steven and Julie have kept calm in the face of the unknown so far but maybe, just maybe, it’s time to eat Jeremy.

Sam South, from Bournemouth, has been writing and directing for 3 years now after moving to London 6 years ago to act. Since his first short film ‘Bump’ in 2015 he has become more ambitious with his projects, crowdfunding for a short about a boy who wants to be a lighthouse keeper (‘The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Lighthouse Keeper’) and a black and white dark comedy about cannibalism.

Since these latest two films have been set forth into the film festival circuit they have amassed collectively 16 laurels so far including Eat Jeremy winning 5 awards at the Silly Shorts Film Festival.

Eat Jeremy was the quickest most stress-free shoot the film collective have had so far, with the film taking about 10 hours in total to film, with one location and almost no set up required. The balcony of Sam’s flat was used which he had wanted to make a film on for some time. What added to the ease were the brilliant actors who played their roles to perfection and totally understood the vision and feel of the film. In true indie filmmaking style friends were brought in on favours to help with sound, prepare a mighty lunch feast, and even lie on the ground with a tea towel over their head and pretend to be dead. There was a good feeling about the film and faith in the writing that this could be the best film Mighty Colour Films has made so far. And if they’re getting better and better, then Sam has a lot of work to do to continue this tradition but wouldn’t have it any other way. For a Sam South film to be released to the world he has to be 100% happy with it. Once he achieves this he doesn’t need laurels or awards for the film to be successful. He has always wanted to make people laugh and feels if he has made a film he is wholeheartedly happy with, then it will do well. This is reflected in ‘The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Lighthouse Keeper’ and ‘Eat Jeremy’s successes so far.

Sam has begun to find his style and Eat Jeremy very much embodies this, with its silliness taken seriously by the 3 characters who debate whether or not to eat Jeremy. The moments of long drawn out pauses and the acceptance of nonsense by each of the characters from each other create this wonderful world of play and comedy. He couldn’t be prouder with what he’s ended up with in this great short.

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