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Earthling Steve | Sci-Fi Short Film | Antwerp, BE

Earthling Steve is a Science fiction short film about an astronaut who crashes on an unknown planet.
This astronaut has lost his memory and has to rediscover his identity and his mission.
He’s trapped on a world inhabited by angry aliens, ruled by an evil and all-powerful being.

I’ve always been fascinated by Science Fiction, I was born in the early 80s, I grew up watching Star Wars,
reading the Graphic Novel ‘Storm’ (Don Lawrence) and learning whatever there is to know about Outer space.
So this all resulted in my own story, a story that has been in my head since I was very little.

At first I tried to write a book, but I’m not a good writer! So after years of trying I gave up… but not completely!
Then I tried to create a computer game based on this unfinished book (My day job is programming).
When I finally finished coding, I had to produce tons of Graphics. But that’s something else then drawing on paper!
When I really started to get the hang of it, I really liked doing this and I thought to myself, why dont I create my own Comic / Graphic Novel?
And for two years long, day in and out, one Graphic a day (4 hours each, from pencil to colored vector), I finally got my life’s work out there!
But… I made the mistake in unleashing it to early. I got a “little impatient” during the last fase (Putting al those images in a nice order, including text balloons, letting people test it, …)

This was last year (2017), I sold the printed edition to all my friends, like 100 people, and none of them understood what it was all about.
I thought each image would speak for itself, but because of the lack of text, people didn’t focus enough on the details and missed to many important stuff, so they didn’t get the big clues, the plot…
The digital version is downloadable on Comixology (Amazon) and was downloaded like one time. So it was a complete nightmare!
So I had a good story in my head but I wasn’t able to pass it on to other people, my big failure.

Now my final attempt… since I had all the visuals, I started to make an animated version of this comic, so people would hopefully understand it now!
I’ve animated like 25% of the full story and made a teaser containing pieces of this material. My dream is to make a full animated short. So I hope you all enjoy it!




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