Drip | Horror Short Film | Medford, MA


Drip is a short experimental horror film that was created by myself (Antonio Maradiaga) in my own house. The idea came from a quick burst of inspiration when I was walking home from college. I was listening to some Ólafur Arnalds, whom has the most influential music when it comes to gathering inspiration. I remember staring off into the void while listening to his music and just thinking of the next big step I need to make to reaching my goal, which is to become a filmmaker in my own right. Anyways, I was drifting farther and farther away from reality and then it hit me! The idea of water dripping from a faucet is very eerie and creepy, so what if I added a little horror aspect to the mix. I jumped back into reality and rushed for my house. Once I entered my house I immediately went into recording. I used my small but visually intriguing bathroom to film the sink clip and used my tiny cubed hallway to film the horror clip. The idea was to capture the idea of sound by using the dripping noise of the water from the faucet and the many other sound effects used to create that lively feeling in the film. I knew in my head that Drip wasn’t going to be the best of films, so I focused on making it an experimental film that had a great way of capturing fear and sound ambience. It is the first official short film I have ever made, and it is most definitely not the last. I hope Drip can be the foundation of my channel and future career. I am determined to improve my work and pursue my dreams with even better films.


For this film I only used my camera and tripod for shooting the scenes. As for props, there weren’t as many but that’s ok because it is only an experimental film. I didn’t have to spend a dime to make this film, and it ended up being a success!


The only actor in this film was myself, but I do have plans to create more horror short with my colleagues. During the suspense scene, a hand could be seen running itself against a wall. Yeah, that was my hand, and I was the only person in my house during the recording. This short experimental film was written and directed by myself (Antonio Maradiaga). Produced by the channel I run with my friends and colleagues, Dark Nature Studios.

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