Don’t Walk Alone! | Horror Short Film | San Diego, CA

This film for me means quite a bit because it finally motivated to push myself and start off my dream.

This story that my family has told me, is that there we two boys, who go out to camp in the woods, and after a day of hiking they both finally find a site to set up their tent at, then at 4 in the morning, they hear this silent noise, of tiny pebbles being dropped all around their campsite, and they were totally freaked out, they didn’t understand what it was, until they hear soft laughter and footsteps all around them. Both paralyzed with fear they stop and listen until finally one of them gains the courage to try to scare it off by shouting, and then the laughter stops, and the footsteps slowly fade.

This story did make my camping trips cause to have a bit more anxious sleeps but I always loved the feeling of how stories like this could make you feel. That’s why I wanted to become a director. I love how movies make you feel, how they can give you goosebumps or make you get so connected to a character you feel their tragedies with them.

Although my film is my first, and the budget I had for the film was not that high, I still wanted to make this story come into a reality, I hired 3 of my good friends to come and act for me, and we found a good scenery and just started making magic happen, I personally am happy with my film, although it is my first there is much room to improve, I even created my very own company that I hope will become huge in the movie industry. This was my first step to getting out there, and I want people all over too see what I’ve created, given you have a larger platform than I do, I felt that would be awesome. Especially since you guys do support local films.

I love making dreams into reality and I am for sure going to keep at it with more films, they will only get better from here. I am very excited to see what my future has in store for me and I can’t wait. This film was shot in a day, and I edited it all myself. I really do think this can get people going crazy, especially if people add their input into what they did like or what they didn’t, I can build and grow off of that. I just want to hear the world’s input.

Thank you so much for your time and I really appreciate what you and your company do for creators like me. It really does help push us to making our dreams come true.

Thank you again,

sincerely Ben Taft

(CEO) of Sound Century™


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