Don’t Burst My Bubble | Drama | Paris/Brussels, France

Don’t Burst My Bubble is a short film about puberty based on real events and testimonies of many women.

This film follows Mia as she is going back home on her own for the first time. Mia faces “the real world” on her way and realizes the impact that her body – that is changing – can have on men. Confused, she wonders what is going on with her. She is still a kid after all.

Don’t burst my bubble is a film that talks about that specific phase, when many girls are facing the world by themselves at a young age. Puberty is always a confusing step, especially in the society we live in.

Many of us would have loved to keep being naive and carefree a little bit longer, especially at the age of 12/13. Many of us would have loved to grow up in a safer environment, be able to listen to our music in peace while walking out there, not be afraid to be harassed as soon as we step outside, not worry about our skirt being too short, not be scared to take the tube after 6pm,… Many girls of that age have no one to talk to. Many feel misunderstood. Many are scared of the others’ reaction and many are not prepared for this world yet.

This movie tells the story of a young woman going through that phase and her experience of the world she is confronted to by herself.

Victoria Malinjod is an European actress who was born in France to a German mom and a Swiss dad. She grew up in Belgium – Brussels – and she has been acting since the age of 11. She started writing and directing showreels 4 years ago. Victoria loves telling stories. Therefore, making a short film based on her own experience and on testimonies of many other women that she knows was important to her.

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