Demons of Creativity | Experimental Animated Short Film | New Delhi, DL

The short film is based on the creative process that artists go through around their desks. It is partially inspired by the Ted talk by Elizabeth Gilbert Elusive Creative Genius.

It showcases how the creativity we own to ourselves is nothing but the work of the creative demons that rome around our desks and follow us around… We are just there to put their ideas to work and take all the credit to ourselves.

Well, if it doesn’t work out we can always blame it on them as well!

This is also in a way, a showcase of my academic work while studying at University School of Architecture & Planning, New Delhi, India. I am currently in my 8th Semester.

Being a freelance motion-graphic designer and a film/animation enthusiast I chose to be heard rather than be in the herd and make just a print portfolio for the Internship Program.

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